Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Raining cats and dogs?

WE have all been on an airplane where we wish we were sitting next to someone else or wish the person in you aisle wouldn't have brought their lovely pet that seems to be staring at you. Well now flying can be much easier for everyone. If you didn't think it would ever happen, guess again. A new airline launching next week,Pet Airways,is a flight strictly for animals,besides the flight crew of course.

There will be weekly routes between L.A., Denver, Chicago, Baltimore, and NYC. Pawsengers (dogs and cats right now; reptiles, birds, pigs, and more to come) get the VIP treatment in the cabin.
Before boarding, pets can relax in an airport lounge just for them. They get a bathroom break prior to flight, and an attendant checks in with them every fifteen minutes during their journey.
Can I have that job?! I checked online and it is a bit pricey with a one-way flight starting at $149...but if you love you pets as much as I do you will gladly let them ride in comfort and style.

They already thank you :)

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